PETROL prices are rising at such speed that new records are being broken week by week for the cost of fuel.

When the Gazette first started compiling fuel price league tables back in November, BP’s Ipswich Road garage was the most expensive forecourt in town, charging 147.9p per litre.

Such a price at any garage in Britain would now be considered ludicrously cheap.

It is a concerning trend for anybody who owns a car; perhaps most worryingly of all is that the increase in fuel costs is showing no signs of abating.

Colchester, as with many areas, has a wide range of petrol stations.

With prices higher than ever, is has become more and more important to avoid the petrol stations which charge you more than you need to pay.

Here are the forecourts in Colchester which charge you the most – and the least – for the fuel you are putting in your tank.

1st – Gulf Colchester (Great Horkesley Garage): 199.9p per litre

Found to the north of Colchester, the Gulf garage towards Great Horkesley is now perilously close to the £2 per litre mark. A 50-litre tank here will cost £99.50.

2nd – BP (Ipswich Road): 183.9p per litre

One of the busier petrol stations in Colchester, the BP on Ipswich Road is also one of the priciest. 50 litres of fuel here costs £91.95.

Gazette: The BP in Ipswich Road has historically been one of Colchester's more expensiveThe BP in Ipswich Road has historically been one of Colchester's more expensive

3rd – Texaco (Mersea Road): 182.9p per litre

The total cost of a 50-litre tank of fuel at this garage comes to a price 50p cheaper than the BP on Ipswich Road – a total of £91.45.

4th – Tesco (Hythe and Highwoods): 181.9p per litre

Supermarkets generally offer less expensive fuel – although Tesco’s fuel is actually pricier than other supermarket retailers in Colchester. A full tank here comes to £90.95.

5th – Sainsbury’s (Stanway): 181.8p per litre

The Sainsbury’s in Stanway is a hair’s breadth cheaper than Tesco, with 50 litres here costing £90.90.

Gazette: Sainsbury's prices are normally slightly cheaper than most other forecourtsSainsbury's prices are normally slightly cheaper than most other forecourts

6th – Co-Op (Peartree Road): 180.9p per litre

Coming in as one of the less expensive forecourts in Colchester, the petrol station run by the Co-Op in Peartree Road charges 180.9p per litre – which translates to £90.45 for a full tank.

7th – Esso (Bergholt Road): 179.9p per litre

Found in Braiswick not far from the train station, this Esso garage is still selling petrol underneath the 180p per litre mark. A 50-litre tank of fuel here costs £89.95.

8th – Asda (Turner Road): 177.7p per litre

The most affordable petrol station in Colchester at the moment is at Turner Road’s Asda superstore. 50 litres of petrol here costs £88.85.