Have you ever found yourself nervously binge-watching horror series on Netflix?

Perhaps shows like The Walking Dead and iZombi have made you question ‘What are the chances of a zombie apocalypse in Essex?’.

Well a quirky study has ranked Tendring as the safest Essex area during a zombie crisis.

RantCasino.com has conducted a research to replicate a hypothetical zombie apocalypse in which the deceased are resurrected as the living dead.

It evaluates both the nominal and relative concentrations of zombies in administrative subdivisions in the UK.

Estimations for the study were based on a sample of 369,240 globally geolocated cemeteries and memorials acquired from a public database of cemetery records, Find a Grave.

Tendring seems to be the safest Essex area, with 1,206 potential zombies. It may have 34 cemeteries, but there is a zombie-to-population ratio of just 0.82 per cent.


The unluckiest Essex district to be in a zombie apocalypse is the Epping Forest in 128th place, with staggering 19,496 potential zombies and 42 cemeteries about.

Residents who live close to the forest may be in for a fright! In 148th place, those who live in Uttlesford aren’t safe either, with a potential 15,864 zombies; and 52 cemeteries, it really is one of the most unsafe areas.

Any residents living in Harlow are a lot safer at 350th place – with 1,338 potential zombies about and only eight cemeteries, making it the safest place in Essex during a zombie apocalypse.

However, most of the Essex districts appear in the bottom 100 of the results, making it one of the safest counties in the whole of the UK for any potential zombie apocalypse.

Finally, the luckiest place in the UK to live in during a zombie apocalypse is the Isles of Scilly, with only 98 potential zombies roaming the streets.

If you live in Leeds, you might not escape unharmed in a zombie apocalypse - with a whopping 811,422 potential zombies roaming the streets.

Leeds is also home to 149 cemeteries, which we recommend avoiding!

The second unluckiest city in a zombie apocalypse is Manchester, with 769,911 potential zombies.

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