A RENOWNED environmental campaigner has published his latest book exploring the biggest threats to our oceans.

Charles Clover, who is also Prince Charles’ biographer and chairman of the Dedham Vale Society, has released Rewilding the Sea: How to Save Our Oceans.

The book is a follow-up to his 2004 The End of the Line, which won multiple awards and was adapted into an acclaimed documentary.

Rewilding the Sea explores what happens when you let nature repair the damage: whether overfishing of bluefin tuna across the Atlantic or the destruction of coral gardens by dredgers in Lyme Bay.

In his work book, Charles also shows readers we can store carbon and have more fish by stepping aside more often and trusting nature.

He said: "Imagine if the sea had all the species in it that it used to and we had brought back nature within sight of our shores.

“Well, that isn't a pipe dream any more, there are parts of the world where it has already happened or is happening.

“All we need to do is follow what is already happening somewhere and believe we can do it.”

You can find the book on amazon.co.uk