A ONE-YEAR-OLD boy came close to death after being misdiagnosed by medics, a mum claims.

Mum Amie Tweed, 25, saw son Teddy projectile vomiting and struggling to stay awake for six days.

Amie, from Maldon, took him to Longfield Medical Centre.

She was sent to A&E at Chelmsford’s Broomfield Hospital for a blood test, but says she was refused because her son wasn’t displaying other symptoms.

Teddy’s condition was ruled as most likely being constipation at that point.

But his symptoms started worsening and his mother knew something wasn’t right.


Amie said: “He started not being his usual bubbly self about two weeks before everything started to turn south.

“He was just not interested in playing with his toys as he used to be and just a little bit more cranky, and I couldn’t really settle him as well.

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“All he wanted to do was sleep. He’d wake up from a night of 10 or 11 hours sleep and would want to go straight back to sleep, which is just very abnormal.”

After being told it was probably just constipation, Amie wasn’t sure but decided to believe the doctor.


Teddy had seizures and became unresponsive five days after going to A&E.

Amie immediately called for an ambulance as her son appeared lifeless.

The ambulance arrived quickly after she called 999 and he was rushed to Broomfield Hospital.

A CT scan showed large swelling on his brain and he was immediately sent for surgery.

He had an abscess of about 100ml on his brain which has now been drained twice.

Teddy is due to have another big operation in June for brain and facial surgery and his family hope that after that he will be on the mend.

Amie said: “I have good and bad days with it all.

“It was such an awful time for us and I feel extremely let down by professionals and not sure who to trust any more to be honest.

“But I am just so pleased Teddy is doing better.”

The NHS has been contacted for comment.