EARLIER this month, the Gazette asked Colchester's parliamentary candidates for their views on some of the town's biggest issues.

And now it's time for round two.

The rule? They had to answer in 50 words or less.

Candidates who did not stick to the rule had their answers cut down.

Ken Scrimshaw, who is standing for the Christian People’s Alliance, declined to take part.

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Name a pledge you will fulfill, if elected, within 100 days?


Mark Goacher (GREEN): "I cannot pledge to change Government policy in 100 days. However, I can pledge to arrange a meeting with whoever is the new Education Secretary and outline at length my personal experience, as a teacher, of the effects on young people of unnecessary education austerity."

Jordan Newell (LABOUR): "Residents tell me the current street light switch off feels like a curfew, and many worry about going out at night or returning from work in the dark. I will work with our local councillors to reinstate Colchester’s street lighting, restore public confidence and keep our streets safe."

Will Quince (CONSERVATIVE): "Our MP has not done enough to tackle knife crime in Colchester. I pledge in my first 100 days to meet with the Home Secretary on this matter, and seek to table legislation to make the sentence for carrying a knife just as severe as for carrying a gun."

Sir Bob Russell (LIBERAL DEMOCRAT): "To continue what I did for the last 100 days as MP, indeed the last 1,000 days and more – doing an 80-hour week, six or seven days, variously in Colchester and at the House of Commons where I have registered the best voting attendance record of any MP."

John Pitts (UKIP): "My pledge for all of my term in office is to listen to what my constituents have to say, and be open and transparent. I will publish all of my claims for expenses so it can be seen that I am not milking the system of taxpayer’s money."





What is the biggest challenge Colchester will face over the next five years (house building aside)?


Mark Goacher (GREEN): "Transport and how to stop the gridlocks and chaos. We need better public transport, more cycle lanes and to encourage more car sharing schemes. Also the National Planning Policy Framework must put more emphasis on the transport impact of over development. We cannot go on as we are."

Jordan Newell (LABOUR): "As Colchester grows, we will face huge pressures on our local infrastructure – especially around transport and public services. As we grow, we need to ensure we have the resources and services to meet the needs and demands of our growing population."

Will Quince (CONSERVATIVE): Our priority in the next five years must be to get Colchester moving again. Our infrastructure is already straining, and our town is growing. We need investment in our roads to tackle the constant gridlock, and more money into our railway to secure a faster and more reliable service."

Sir Bob Russell (LIBERAL DEMOCRAT): "More than one challenge! Continuing to create (and retain) jobs which has seen unemployment reduced by 54 per cent since 2010; renewing my apprenticeships campaign; a better rail service and roads infrastructure; and getting local responsibility for highways and street lighting."

John Pitts (UKIP): "Traffic congestion will be a great challenge to Colchester in the coming years unless action is taken to improve our road structure in line with the development which has already taken place. I pledge to do all within my power to see that this happens."

What are your favourite dinner and favourite TV show?


Mark Goacher (GREEN): "Favourite dinner would be roast lamb with mint sauce, roast potatoes, carrots, cabbage, very thick gravy and a glass of cold beer. The TV show is Doctor Who, although I’m retro and prefer the Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker years. Capaldi is good though."

Jordan Newell (LABOUR): "I’m a huge fan of Four In A Bed, the Channel 4 TV show where B&B owners rate each others’ properties. When it comes to a good meal, you can usually find me in Timbers on Trinity Street – the ham, egg and chips is to die for!"

Will Quince (CONSERVATIVE): "My favourite dinner is probably sausages and mash, with a good helping of onion gravy. One of my favourite TV shows is The Great British Bake Off, though watching it often makes me want to pop out and buy a cake (or two)!"

Sir Bob Russell (LIBERAL DEMOCRAT): "The first questions are serious and deserved a serious comment, which I hope I have given. This question is trivial. It is not worthy of a serious response. Readers contemplating how to cast their vote deserve to be treated seriously."

John Pitts (UKIP): "I enjoy most food if it is properly prepared and of good quality but my favourite has to be Indian food. My favorite TV programs include Call the Midwife, Larkrise to Candleford, and Homes under the Hammer."