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Gazette: James Cleverly James Cleverly - Conservative
Lewisham-born Mr Cleverly has been the Greater London Assembly member for Bexley and Bromley since 2008 and served as chairman of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority. He has already resigned from that job, but plans to stay on in his £18,000 a year role representing his London constituency for another 12 months. The 45-year-old is a major in the Territorial Army and has also worked in the magazine and web publishing industry.
In 2005 he was the Conservative candidate for the Westminster seat of Lewisham East, taking 24% of the vote.
Gazette: Malcolm Fincken Malcolm Fincken - Labour
The retired school teacher from Halstead stood unsuccessfully for the Saffron Walden seat in 1997, coming third with 21.5% of the vote.
Mr Fincken is a district councillor for Halstead Trinity and is also a long-serving Halstead Town councillor, having previously served as mayor.
Gazette: Matthew Klesel Matthew Klesel - Liberal Democrats
Matthew Klesel, of Chelmsford, formerly worked for the Lib Dem MPs Julian Huppert and Sir Alan Beith. He previously represented the party in the 2013 Essex County Council elections for the Stock division. The 24-year-old currently works as a public affairs manager at the Advertising Association.
Gazette: Paul Jeater Paul Jeater - Green
The former Labour party member served as a borough councillor for Barking and Dagenham between 1986 and 1992. He stood for Ilford North in the 1987 General Election, winning 27 per cent of the vote. He then worked as a researcher for Labour MEP Caroline Tunn before returning to teaching at the Ursuline School in Brentwood.He joined the Greens in 2011.
Gazette: Richard Binglee Richard Bingley - UKIP
Mr Bingley started political life as a Conservative councillor in Corringham and Fobbing in 1997. He became a Labour councillor in Tilbury in 2006 and defected to UKIP last year. The counter-terrorism lecturer was also head of Labour's East of England and London media operations during Tony Blair's time in office.
Gazette: Toby Pereira Toby Pereira - Independent
Mr Pereira is a former civil servant and stand-up comedian. It is his first attempt to win a seat.
Gazette: Paul Hooks Paul Hooks - BNP
Paul Hooks is the only BNP candidate standing in Essex and one of just eight nationwide. He stood in the 2010 General Election winning 2.2 per cent of the vote.