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Video: Will Quince becomes Colchester's new MP


6:59am Friday 8th May 2015

JUBLIANT Conservatives were today celebrating after Will Quince was voted into power with a landslide majority.

It's all over bar the voting


8:45am Thursday 7th May 2015

COLCHESTER could hold the key to the outcome of today’s general election, according to Chancellor George Osborne.

Postal vote blunder will leave some "unable to vote"

Gazette: Postal workers could vote to strike, in support of a suspended colleague.

8:00am Thursday 7th May 2015

AN administrative blunder could prevent a number of residents from voting in tomorrow’s general election.

Last ditch bid for votes


6:00am Thursday 7th May 2015

PROSPECTIVE MPs face questions at town's final hustings.

VIDEO: Chancellor George Osborne visits Asda as part of 24-hour mad dash in lead up to General Election


1:34pm Wednesday 6th May 2015

GEORGE Osborne is visiting Colchester’s Asda supermarket today to show his support for the town’s Conservative parliamentary candidate Will Quince.

38 days ... and still neck-and-neck

Gazette: There's still no clear leader in the race for No 10 between David Cameron and Ed Miliband

2:51am Wednesday 6th May 2015

The most-tightly controlled General Election campaign of modern times is drawing to an end with little indication that voters are anywhere nearer making up their minds who they want to run the country.

Updates from the final hustings before Thursday's General Election


7:27pm Monday 4th May 2015

Live updates from the Ask The Candidates event at The Mercury Theatre.

Video: Students quiz would-be MPs


4:00pm Monday 4th May 2015

HUNDREDS of students at Colchester Sixth Form packed the college’s drama suite for one of the town’s final hustings in the lead up to polling day.

Tories angry over majority 'lie'

Gazette: The Conservatives said it was untrue that David Cameron admitted he could not win a majority

10:33am Monday 4th May 2015

Conservatives have reacted with fury to Liberal Democrat claims that David Cameron has admitted privately that he cannot win a majority at the General Election on Thursday.

Miliband defiant over 'fewer seats'

Gazette: Ed Miliband said David Cameron was desperate because he had lost all the arguments

10:33am Monday 4th May 2015

Ed Miliband has refused to say if Labour could form a legitimate government with fewer seats than the Conservatives - while ruling out an SNP arrangement.

Joey Essex: I would turn down David Cameron interview now

Gazette: Joey Essex: I would turn down David Cameron interview now

8:16am Monday 4th May 2015

The former star of The Only Way Is Essex was not impressed with the Conservative leader’s snub.

Furious row over Cameron 'lie'

Gazette: David Cameron talks to engineers during a General Election campaign visit to the development of the Bexhill to Hastings link road in East Sussex

12:15am Monday 4th May 2015

A furious row has erupted between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats after a senior Lib Dem accused David Cameron of "lying" over claims the Tories were close to winning an outright majority in the General Election on Thursday.