A CAMPAIGN urging people to spend more time outdoors will launch next month. 

The Essex Wildlife Trust is hoping to encourage people to spend more time in nature across the month of June.

It is the eighth year running the wildlife trust has run the campaign. 

Research by the University of Derby revealed that participants feel happier, healthier and more connected with nature.

Bailey Tait, campaigns officer for Essex Wildlife Trust, said: “30 Days Wild is a challenge for everyone.


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“Whether you take part as an individual, a family, an organisation, a school or a care home, this nature-based challenge is proven to boost mood, improve physical and mental health, and help our environment along the way.”

Some activities that anyone could do is listening to a nature podcast, watching the sunrise or sunset and gardening.

Ms Tait said: “Visit a new nature reserve, learn about the different butterflies that flitter among your garden plants, or take thirty minutes each day to get fresh air away from our busy lives.

“Whatever you choose, it will benefit nature, and it will benefit you.”

To sign up, go to the Essex Wildlife Trust website.