A WOMAN was left lying in the road after being hit by a car doing ‘motorway’ speeds in a residential area.

Faten Ghosn, 44, a lecturer on conflict management, analysis and negotiation at Essex University, was on her way to a friend’s house when she was struck by a car.

As she crossed the road on Rosabelle Avenue in Wivenhoe at about 9.15pm  on Wednesday, May 11,  she was a couple of steps away from the pavement when she was forced to the ground.

Having just stopped for a motorbike, Ms Ghosn could see a car coming down The Avenue but she didn’t think it was going to turn down Rosabelle Avenue as it wasn’t signalling.


She said: “I heard it turn and I looked back and all of a sudden, I feel that I am hit.

“I stumbled and fell from the impact and I threw my body forward because I was worried but they kept driving, they didn’t even brake.

“Honestly I was in disbelief and I thought 'Oh my God, I hope I don’t break anything', It was a shock and I didn’t expect to be hit.

“I got up and saw that I could walk, I was hurting a little bit but I was OK.”

The light grey car's driver's side wing mirror was lying in the road as it had fallen off from the impact. She moved it to the side after composing herself.

Faten believes the person would have seen her as they turned into the road on the left side.

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She said: “I wonder if the person had been drinking because it’s not a mistake you just make like that.

“When you’re speeding so much like you’re on a motorway, even braking wouldn’t have stopped the impact.

“I’m more worried about kids in that area because that driving and the speed level down that road is during the day as well, not just during the night.”

Although Faten was left with just a few bruises she said she hopes that this was a wake up call for the driver as she said it could have been much worse.