The UK is often witness to many celestial events in our skies, such as meteor showers, and this week a Blood Moon lunar eclipse will be visible in Colchester.

According to the site Country Living, a total lunar eclipse takes place when the Earth comes in between the Sun and the full Moon which blocks the Sun's rays from lighting up the Moon.

When a lunar eclipse occurs, the Moon transforms into a dark red colour because it is illuminated by light that has passed through the Earth's atmosphere.

Total lunar eclipses happen rarely as it has to be a Full Moon, as well as the Sun, Earth and Moon all lining up correctly.

When to watch for the Blood Moon lunar eclipse in Colchester?

For keen astrologists in the Colchester area you'll need to be up very early on Monday morning if you want to catch the Blood Moon lunar eclipse.

It will be visible at just after 2.30am and it might be useful to use a telescope or binoculars to get a better view.

The eclipse will be best visible until just after 5am.

According to the Met Office visibility is meant to be okay, but rain is also expected so cloud coverage could be a problem.