A LARGE highway maintenance vehicle appears to have overturned on a busy roundabout.

The vehicle has fallen onto its passenger side on the roundabout on Harwich Road on the A137.

Simon Crow, the County Councillor for Parsons Heath and Eastgates, stopped at the scene just after 9pm this evening.

He said: “I couldn’t see what the cause of it was, but there were lots of people standing around at the scene.

“There are police and a fire crew and there seems to be fluid coming out the back of the vehicle.

Mr Crow said he hopes that no one was hurt in the incident.

Traffic is building up at the roundabout and in the area as police are diverting drivers from the level crossing at the end of Harwich road.

Mr Crow said: “The Police were turning drivers around at the level crossing as it seems that the barriers won’t open.

“It is not a good night for people on Harwich Road.”