THOUSANDS turned out to watch the action as a kart race returned to hit a town’s streets.

The Great Dunmow Soapbox Race was back after a three-year break.

Spectators turned up in their thousands to watch the thrills and spills of the race.

Gazette: CROWDS: Thousands turned up to enjoy the event

Gazette: COMING THROUGH: Members of the public loved the event

Gazette: LITTLE AND LARGE: The karts came in all shapes and sizes

Gazette: PUPPY POWER: A Scooby-Doo themed kart and outfit

Jordan Bright, who is part of the organising committee, said: “It was a great success the whole day, and very busy from start to finish.

“It is always difficult to tell beforehand how good and popular it will be, as the event is free and un-ticketed, so while you can get lots of traction online, we don’t know until the day.

“We estimate that about 15,000 people came along, and in terms of the extra money we invested into screens, camera crews and other bits, it all really paid off.

“We are still totalling up the money raised for charity, but we are estimating about £20,000, maybe even more.”

Gazette: PLANE PART: One of the more creative karts on the day

Gazette: PAIRS: Teamwork makes the dream work (ALL PICS: CAPTURE HOUSE)

Team Greased Lightning came first on the day, followed by Commodity Centre in second and Weston Homes in third.

Previous champions from 2019, Fast and Furious Flitch House, once again came close, and were just behind in fourth.

Now, organisers hope to make next year’s event even better.

Gazette: STEAM ROLLING: An orange skip kart speeding through

Gazette: BIG AND LITTLE: Karts came in all shapes and sizes on the day

Gazette: WHIZZ: Karts used nothing but gravity to take on the ramps

Jordan added: “We got really good feedback from racers, sponsors and others.

“People that came along seemed to be really happy with everything, not just the races but food stalls, entertainment and other things we had on the day.

“But we are always looking for ways to improve everything, and are speaking to everyone involved to ensure that we can make the event even more enjoyable than it already is.

“We want to create one of the best free events in the country.”

Plans are already being made for the next event, with entry opening soon.