VISITORS to Frinton are being urged to park responsibly after two summers of parking “chaos”.

Residents in the genteel town were left angry in recent years after unruly motorists flocked to the coast for a staycation following the end of Covid-19 restrictions.

But many visitors parked across driveways, on the corners of roads and even in an ambulance bay in The Esplanade.

The parking problems led to town councillors fighting back against “selfish” daytrippers by calling for double yellow lines to be installed on the corners of Frinton’s avenues.

The British Parking Association has now issued a warning to motorists in a bid to prevent a repeat of scenes from previous years.

It said motorists parking irresponsibly have caused “chaos and frustration” for residents and businesses.

Kelvin Reynolds, the association’s director of public affairs, said: “There is good reason to anticipate that some people will ignore the rules, causing obstruction and endangering the lives of other road users, especially pedestrians.

“If we all do what’s right, residents as well as visitors can enjoy the holiday season.

“In short, we’re asking motorists to be kind – park with others in mind.”

He called on the Government to increase the options and sanctions available to local authorities to tackle the worst offenders, as well as an increase in the top level of penalties.

The association said evidence from last summer showed the current rates are not an effective deterrent to antisocial and selfish parking.

Frinton mayor Terry Allen said: “Our area has really gone through the mill in the past couple of years.

“We had a massive increase in visitors and although that was good in one way, we had huge problems with unruly and inconsiderate parking.

“Thanks to the effort of the town council we have had yellow lines put in place on street corners along the Esplanade to stop people causing chaos by parking on corners and grass verges.

“As mayor, I will be making sure this year that we work with Tendring Council’s community ambassadors to give advice to visitors – but if people are unruly they do have the power to issue fixed penalty notices.”