CENTENARIAN Millie Hopkins may have been born during the First World War but that doesn't stop her loving a bit of bling.

Millie is Essex's oldest resident as she is now 107-years-old.

She has lived in Walton for most of her life and has lived in Blenheim’s Care Home in Kirby Road for the past eight years.

Millie was born near Port Talbot in Wales and left home with a friend to move to London in the 1930s.

Pat Cooper, Millie's daughter-in-law said: “Millie worked as a waitress for a while when she was in London and lodged at her mother-in-law’s house.

“She was married to my husband Terry’s father for about 40 years and was always very fit and active, Millie was never a stay-at-home mum.”

Terry’s father fell ill and was moved to an assisted living home, his health declined in 1971 when he died at Harold Wood Hospital in Romford.

Millie met her second husband Mr Sullivan while she was working at a buffet station in Stratford and married him shortly afterwards.


She has five children, two of whom have died, five grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

When Millie moved to Walton she became heavily involved in the community, especially as a valued member of the Royal British Legion branch.

Carers at Blenheim said they really enjoyed her company and said she was a real character.

Alijca Marvell, deputy manager at the care home, said: “At this point Millie is hard of hearing but she loves socialising with everyone in her own way.

“I assume she has learned to lip read because she only responds if she’s looking at you as she speaks, if not then you’re out of luck.


“She loves knitting and getting pampered, she gets her hair and nails done almost every week.”

Mrs Cooper added: “Millie even took out her hearing aid because it was messing up her hair, she also loves her jewellery.”

Millie has received seven cards from the Queen and says she plans on living until she is 200.

Since asking for cards at the weekend, 47 had been sent to the care home and they are hoping for many more.