AN author has republished more copies of his popular book about the Naze in Walton.

Steven Walker created the book two years ago as a charity fundraiser for Walton Foodbank and after printing costs was able to donate £500.

The book is packed with well researched history of The Naze along with Second World War facts and stories about significant events, the maritime heritage, lifeboat rescues and pop pirate radio stations.

The flora, fauna and geology of the fossil-rich cliffs and the problem of coastal erosion are also explored.

Steven said: “I’ve lived near the Naze for more than 50 years and it's heartbreaking to see regular cliff collapses reducing the public amenity space for residents and visitors to enjoy.

“When I researched my book I was amazed at how much rich history there is contained in a relatively small area of land.

“The Naze is a designated site of special scientific interest and a place where wildlife thrives especially over-wintering birds.”

This year Steven intends to make a donation to the foodbank as well as the Naze Protection Society which is the charity campaigning to improve the cliff sea defences at the north east tip of the Naze.

The charity is led by farmer David Eagle and has social media pages where people can make donations to pay for more sea defence works.

Steven’s book will be sold at the Naze Protection Society’s event on Saturday, May 28, at Walton Community Centre where facts about the Naze and the threat of erosion to the private and publicly owned land of the Naze will be explained.

Steven added: “The Naze Protection Society are doing a great job in drawing the public's attention to the threat to the Naze which is a rare and precious habitat.

“The cost of living crisis is also set to put huge pressure on vulnerable families facing higher food, energy and fuel prices so a further donation to Walton Foodbank is critical."

For more information about the Naze Protection Society visit