Activists accused Priti Patel of “racist” and “inhumane” policies over Government plans to send migrants to Rwanda during her appearance at a Conservative party dinner.

The Home Secretary was speaking at the Bassetlaw Conservatives Spring Dinner in Nottinghamshire on Friday when several activists stood up on their chairs and began denouncing Ms Patel for the policy.

The plan – which has received criticism and legal challenges – will see the East African nation receive asylum seekers deemed by the UK to have arrived “illegally”.

Footage published on Twitter by campaigning group Green New Deal shows a woman stand up and tell Ms Patel: “Priti Patel, your racist policies are killing people.

“Your plans to send people seeking asylum to Rwanda are inhumane, they’re inhumane and are going to ruin people’s lives.”

The crowd at the dinner then began booing the activist, and shouting for her to “sit down” while she was led away by a man.

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Other activists also stood up and berated the Witham MP.

Holly Hudson, 27, a Green New Deal Rising activist who was part of the protest, said: “I want to grow up in a society that cares and respects people wherever they come from. 

"I am disgusted by Priti Patel’s Rwanda plan and her immigration policies. They are violent, illegal and inhumane and have been condemned across society."

Prime Minister Boris Johnson previously described the partnership between Rwanda and the UK as a “very sensible thing”, adding it is a “great deal between two countries, each helping the other”.

A Home Office spokesperson said: “The world-leading Migration Partnership will overhaul our broken asylum system, which is currently costing the UK taxpayer £1.5 billion a year – the highest amount in two decades.

“It means those arriving dangerously, illegally or unnecessarily can be relocated to have their asylum claims considered and, if recognised as refugees, build their lives there.

“Our new Migration and Economic Development Partnership with Rwanda fully complies with international and national law.”