THESE are the beaches in Essex where dogs are now banned for summer - and you could be fined as much £500 if you ignore the rules.

Beaches from Clacton down to Southend became 'dog-free' zones from May 1, for the summer period until September 30.

The strict rules, which are imposed at certain locations every year, are part of a power that councils can decide to introduce in order to prevent dogs from using spaces.

The beaches with seasonal bans are covered by local bylaws.

These are enforced by seafront teams who work for the respective councils.

Each banned area is very clearly identified by information signs at every entry point.

Failing to comply with beach bans and control orders could result in a maximum penalty of £500.

But as beaches are set to get busier in coming weeks and half-term looms, we've rounded up the beaches where your family pet is now not allowed to use.


From coast guard building at Outpart East to Low Lighthouse in front of Harbour Crescent.


From Mill Lane subway to end of promenade at Spa Cabins.

From slipway south west of swimming pool, to upper lighthouse, south west of Beach Road.


North east from Percival Road to Naze Park Road.

From the pier to end of The Parade opposite Suffolk Street.


From seafront warden station below Connaught Avenue to public conveniences below Cambridge Road.

Holland on Sea

From breakwater south west of Queensway to café north west of Queensway.

From café opposite Haven Avenue for three sections of beach south west.


From opposite St Albans Road to Gunfleet Sailing Club, opposite Hazelmere Road.

From the pier to West Road out-fall pipe on Martello Bay.


From West Marsh Point covering the paddling pool area and both beaches east of pool.


Dogs are not allowed on beaches in Southend from May 1 until September 30.

This includes Leigh Bell Wharf, Shoebury East, Shoeburyness, Chalkwell beach, Jubilee beach, Westcliff Bay, Thorpe Bay and Three Shells.


Dogs are not allowed on the beach in areas near to the paddling pool and adjacent to the beach areas (approximately from the Concorde Café to Labworth Café). There are signs present in this area to remind owners.

Dogs are allowed on other areas of the beach so long as they are under the control of the owner and dog fouling is cleared up by the owner.

Between September to March dogs can be walked along the whole beach.