Colchester is lucky to have lots of restaurant options – but if you could choose somewhere to add what would it be?

In the town centre and across the borough there are plenty of options to choose from be it big names such as Five Guys and Nandos to our independents like Bella Pais and The Old Siege House.

We asked Gazette readers what they would like to see in the town.

There were some big names mentioned with TGI Friday’s being a popular choice.

Other brands included Tim Horntons, Bella Italia, Coast to Coast and Rainforest Café.

Antony G Charman said: “TGI Fridays, Tim Hortons, Bella Italia, Coast to Coast.”

Perry Napolitano said: “Something like the rainforest cafe they have in London. Something edgy and quirky.”

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Others wanted to see some different cuisines.

Megan Marie said: “More Latin American restaurants or Chipotle.”

Marilyn Walls said: “A proper Chinese Restaurant (not take-away) would be good.”

Ian Bloomfield added: “Proper family run home cooked food restaurant, not a multi-national where they order all their food using part numbers from a catalogue. Local run restaurant using locally sourced ingredients. Not another takeaway either.”

Some also wanted to see more fine dining options.

Sophie Georgia said: “Nice Fish restaurant or a steak and lobster.”

Samantha Jane Lindsey added: “Don't we have enough. But more fine dining for special occasions if anything...

Too many fast food or quick fry places. More places like the pavilion etc. They get booked up .”

Trevor Orton added: “A restaurant with some real style . Which can produce some where that can hold Wedding receptions + anniversaries + Maybe a fashion show . A piano in the background playing music * a guest singer . Somewhere where a bow tie could be worn , and evening dress for the ladies . Colchester lacks anything with real style . Of course this just a dream.”

But some readers said the town already had enough restaurants.

Bob Clark said: “We've got enough restaurants it's proper shops that Colchester needs.”

Linda Cox said: “Haven't we got enough, mostly burger joints...they are killing Colchester. Along with cheap shops!!”

Angela Vicarey added: “We need shops not eating places! There are banks, barbers, and places to eat and drink but very few places left to actually shop!”