A PIANO teacher and keen sword fighter has combined her two true loves to create a heavy metal Viking musical which will now be staged at a legendary festival.

Vicky Clubb, 49, has lived in Colchester for the past 45 years, and has taught music and performance in schools throughout the county for more than two decades.

During the coronavirus lockdown, the now self-employed musician and composer finished writing her first solo album Twilight Muse, in addition to her third musical.

The latter project, which she worked on alongside Marcus Wood and Nathan Rees, combines Vicky’s passion for Vikings and swords.

When she is not tinkering away at the keys on her piano, for example, the keen sword fighter can often be seen in full Medieval dress armed with a pointy weapon.


Unsurprisingly then, Vicky’s musical, entitled Blóðlína, is crammed full of brutal sword fighting and head-banging songs which make for the perfect soundtrack.

She said: “This latest musical is really special to me as it includes two of my favourite things and it promises to be a treat for every battle-hardened heart.

“I am a keen practitioner of Medieval longsword fighting so it has been fun putting the fight sequences together and filming the adverts.

“The whole demo album was created and recorded during the main lockdown by musicians and artists all over the country working remotely and online.

“Most of the musicians and singers had never even physically met, which makes some of the harmonies and ensemble pieces even more incredible.”

Set around 900AD, Blóðlína follows the story of two warrior sisters, Magnhild and Ingrid, as they inherit their late father’s mantle.

It follows them as they fight for dominance amidst broken relationships and looming invasion under the watchful eye of some interfering teenage gods.

Impressively, the show will now be appearing at the 75th Edinburgh Fringe Festival between August 3 and August 29 as part of the Pleasance group.


“Blóðlína explores what it means to be a leader, touching upon loss, patriarchy, feudalism, as well as romance, betrayal and reconciliation,” added Vicky.

“We have just finished casting and are currently looking for the last musicians to help us put this all together.

“It is really taking off so we are intending to take this on a national tour after the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.”

To find out more about Blóðlína the musical visit facebook.com/BlodlinaMusical.