WITH the cost of living rising across the UK, many Brits will be hoping to grab a bargain or make some extra money from a car boot sale.

With the cost of living set to rise to its highest since records began in the 1950s everyone could do with a bit of extra cash and car boots are a great way to make some money

Many of the boot sales open for bank holidays, including the upcoming Monday bank holiday on May 2, which means a bumper weekend of opportunity to buy and sell.

For tomorrow and Monday specifically, the Met Office says: “Throughout the start of May, much of the south is likely to see continuing dry and sunny spells.”

Car boot organisers are expecting a bumper year as people clear out their clutter to help the weekly budget, and due to the rise in cost of living.

Chris Harrington, who runs the Weeley Car Boot on Saturdays and the Wednesday Marks Tey Carbook, said that after speaking to people, he found that “they are very concerned about the rising prices.”

Peter Stevenson, who has run Stevenson’s Car Boot in Basildon since 1997, added: “With higher fuel and petrol bills and the rising price of food I think more people will be looking to sell this year.

“Most people have stuff that they never use or wear and probably really don’t need so selling at a car boot sale takes a couple of hours and means going home with some extra funds. “

People from all over come to make a bargain or clear their clutter for cash.

Lloyd Dowell, who runs Lazybones Boot Sales said: “I think everyone is looking to save money and make as much as they can.

“I always tell people not to drop their prices too early but of course be prepared to haggle but have fun and enjoy the experience – boot sales are great community events. You never know what you might find.

“People come looking for everything from jewellery to lawn mowers and it’s great for recycled children’s toys too.

“Last year someone bought a rare Lego set at one of the car boots which turned out to be worth £14,000.

“That’s the beauty of a boot sale and of course every week is different because you get different sellers.”

Paul Bowry who runs the Sadlers Farm Car Boot, gave some advice to attendees who may be planning for their first event.

He said: “I always tell people to come prepared for any weather – sunscreen for if it’s hot and a plastic dust sheet to cover the stall if it rains.”

Cash in the Attic and Bootsale Challenge TV presenter Lorne Spicer said: “The last 30 years has been a bumper time for car boots in Essex and across the country.

“This year a group of us on Facebook - @charityshopandcarbootchallenge - have pledged to buy “not new” for the entire year and the bootsales and charity shops have been great for this.

“We have built up a great community with tops tips of where to find the best bargains and it is great to see that you can have fun doing this despite facing tough times with the increasing bills.”

Here are the schedules for bootsales across Essex:

  • Barleylands Car Boot Sale - Barleylands Road, Billericay, CM11 2UD

Every Sunday and Bank Holiday Mondays throughout the year

For sellers: Start time is before 8am. Cars £10. Small vans £15. Large vans £20.

For buyers: Early buyers before 9am: £1, or after 9am it is 50p for adults or free for children

  • Boreham General Farms Car Boot Sale - Boreham roundabout, A12 junction 19 near Chelmsford

Sundays & Bank Holiday Mondays, from March to November

For sellers: Start time is at 5am. Cars £12, Small Vans £15, Large Vans £20.

For buyers: 50p per car, entry before 6am £1.50, entry before 6.30am is £2

  • Braintree Car Boot Sale – Baytree Farm, Coggeshall Road, Braintree, CM77 8AE

Every Saturday from April to October 2022

For sellers: Start from 6am, £8.

For buyers: 30p per person

  • Chigwell Rise Car Boot Sale - Country Group Events, Chigwell Rise, Loughton, Chigwell Rise, Loughton, IG7 6AB

Saturdays from April – November

For sellers: Start time at 5.30am. Cars £12, Small Vans £15, Large Vans £20.

For buyers: Start from 7am, 50p.

  • Late Risers Car Boot Sale - White Meadow, London Road, Clacton, Essex, CO16 9RA

Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays & Bank Holiday Mondays from April to November

For sellers: Start time from 7am. Cars £7 and Vans from £9.

For buyers: Welcome from 7am, car park 50p

  • Dunton Car Boot Sale - Dunton Rd, Dunton Wayletts, Billericay, Essex (Sat Nav: CM12 9TZ)

Sundays, Wednesdays, and bank holiday Mondays from March – October (weather permitting)

For sellers: Start time 5.30am on Sundays and 6am on Wednesdays. Cars £10 on Sundays and £7 on Wednesdays. Transit Size Vans £14 on Sundays and £10 on Wednesdays.

For buyers: Start time 5.30am on Sundays and 6am on Wednesdays

  • Horsley Cross Car Boot Sale - Little Bentley Road, Tendring, Essex, CO16 0DB

Fridays from 15th April to October

For buyers: Gates open from 6.30am, £10

For sellers: Gates open from 6.30am, 50p

  • Leigh Car Boot Sale - Belton Way, Leigh-on-Sea, SS9 2ET

Every Sunday and Bank Holiday All Year

For sellers: Start time before 7am. Cars £12, Small vans £15, Large vans £20, Trailers £5

For buyers: Start time before 8am. £1 per person, after 8am 50p per person, children free

  • Marks Tey Car Boot Sale - Next to Marks Tey Hotel, London Road, Copford, Colchester, Essex, CO6 1LH

Every Wednesday from 11th March to December (weather permitting)

For sellers: Start time 6am. Cars £12 and Vans £15.

For sellers: Start time 6am, 50p per person, max of £1 per car

  • Nevendon Car Boot Sale - Entrance on the A132 Nevendon Road, Basildon (next to Dogs Trust)

Every Sunday & bank holiday Mondays from March – October (weather & field conditions permitting)

For sellers: Open from 6am, can set up earlier or later. Cars £8 and Transit Size Vans £10.

For buyers: Open from 6am. Free parking and admission.

  • Orsett Car Boot Sale - 100 yards from the roundabout. Loft Hall Farm, Brentwood Road, Orsett, RM16 3BD

Sundays and bank holiday Mondays from April – October

For sellers: Start time between 5.30am and 10.30am. Cars £8, Vans £10, Trailers are an extra £4 (no need to book, pay on arrival)

For buyers: Start time between 6am and 1pm. Adults 40p, free entry for children and pensioners.

  • Willow Car Boot Sale - Willow Farm, New Road, Wennington, Rainham, RM13 9ED

Every Sunday from February to December (weather permitting)

For sellers: Start time from 5am. Cars and Small Vans £10, Large Vans £15

For buyers: Start time from 6am, entry is free

  • Sadlers Farm Car Boot Sale - Sadlers Farm, Junction of A13 and A130, Basildon, Essex SS13 2HD

Every Saturday and Sunday from March to October

For sellers: Start time on Saturdays is 6am and Sundays 7am. Cars £12 Vans £15

For buyers: Start time on Saturdays is 7am and Sundays 8am. 50p per person, or £1.50 per person for admission before 6am.

  • Ardleigh Car Boot Sale - Old Ipswich Road, Ardleigh, Colchester, CO7 7QR

Every Sunday and bank holiday Mondays from March 2022 – November 2022

For sellers: Start time from 6am. Cars £12, Vans & 4x4s £14, Box Vans £16, Lorries £20, Trailers +£2

For buyers: Start time from 6am. 50p per person, max £1 per car, pedestrians £1

  • Weeley Car Boot Sale - Opposite Mcdonald’s on Colchester Road (B1033) Weeley, Colchester, CO16 9AG

Every Saturday from March to December

For sellers: Start time 6am. Cars £7, Vans £9, and Box Vans £10

For buyers: Start time 6am. 50p per car, 25p pedestrians

  • Barrows Car Boot Sale - Barrows Road Car Park, Pinnacles Industrial Estate, Harlow, CM19 5FA

Every Sunday (excluding around Christmas and New Year)

For sellers: Start time between varies. Cars £12, Small Vans £14, Large Vans £16. Early/Trader Pitches unload between 9am to 10.15am, pay £21 and given a Large Van size pitch

For buyers: Start time at 10.30am. Adults £3 after 10.30am, £2 after 11am and 50p after 12pm

  • Chelmsford Car Boot Sale - Sandon Park & Ride, Maldon Road, CM2 7RU

On Sundays

For sellers: Arrive at 8am. Car £12, Van and Transit £20

For buyers: Arrive at 9am, £3 per person. After 10am, £1 per person