REMOVING a busy road could be the key in plans drafted by archaeology experts to revive the only known Roman Circus in Britain.

Experts want to bring the footprint of Colchester’s Roman Circus, which is more than 2,000-years-old, to the forefront of the town’s historic attractions.

Only a small segment of the circus’ remains can be spotted within the site of the former garrison, off Roman Circus Walk, as it stands.

Colchester Archaeological Trust now wants to excavate along the line of remains, which have already been exposed, to recover the plan of the monument’s foundations.

It would then seek to expose one or more of the better-preserved remains, including the spectators’ entrance towards the east of the site.

Gazette: Vision - what the Roman Circus could look likeVision - what the Roman Circus could look like

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But an obstruction lies in the form of Circular Road North, which was built over the unexcavated remains of the circus which were only discovered in 2005.

And further issues are to stem after Colchester Council failed in its bid to purchase the neighbouring former ABRO site, leading the way for developers to now build on other circus foundations.

The council’s heritage boss Darius Laws has now called on transport bosses at Essex County Council and developers to do “an amazing thing”

and work to reveal the foundations.

He said: “An option here is we move part of Circular Road North further south in order to reveal the footprint of the circus.

Gazette: Site - the Roman CircusSite - the Roman Circus

“I’m not stupid and appreciate it’s not as easy as just removing a road as there are repercussions to consider, but I just think there’s something to be done.

“From a lazy person’s point of view, just shifting the road a little south to reveal the circus would be an amazing thing to do.”

Mr Laws stated developers could think “bigger and bolder” about having foundations of the circus as required green spaces on impending housing estates.

He added: “You can’t rebuild the circus but you can most certainly have its footprint as an accessible space.

“This is the most amazing site and I think it should be as much as possible should be available for future generations to enjoy.”