A PUB OPERATOR has praised the efforts of the Colchester community after hundreds of people signed a petition to get a much-loved pub refurbished.

More than 800 people have backed a petition run by resident Jennifer Griggs to get the Dog and Pheasant Pub in Mile End, Colchester, refitted.

The venue, which is operated by pub retailer Greene King, is said to be putting off visitors due to the state of its interiors and unwelcoming look.

Jennifer says the pub has peeling paint, there are holes in the ceiling and the furnishings need improvement.

But a spokesman for Greene King said: "It is incredible to see how popular the Dog and Pheasant Hungry Horse is with the community in Colchester and we take the concerns raised by its customers seriously.

“We want each and every one of our pubs to be the best they can be, which is why we run a regular programme of investments to refresh and maintain all our pubs. ”

Jennifer, who is also co-chairing the PTA at Myland Primary School, said: “We try and support he pub and they have been great with supporting Myland School.

“At Christmas, when we still had lots of Covid restrictions in place at school, we weren’t able to hold our Christmas fair as planned so the Dog and Pheasant helped us out and allowed us to use their pub garden which was brilliant.

“The pub is at the heart of this community.

“So many things need replacing and it has been years.”

Gazette: More than 800 people have signed a petition to get the pub refurbishedMore than 800 people have signed a petition to get the pub refurbished

Jennifer feels the Greene King does not see the pub as a priority and should give it the refreshed look it deserves.

But a spokesman for Greene King reassured customers that their concerns are taken seriously.

Jennifer added: “The feedback from parents who attended the Christmas fair is that it is such a shame that it is not nicer inside.

“There are big new estates there and that is the closest pub.

“We are not talking worn out seats. We are talking holes in the ceiling, damp on the walls, paint work trashed.

“The staff there are really friendly and the service is good and it’s clean but they are very limited in what they can do.”

Now Jennifer is hoping to get 1,000 signatures before she hands in the petition to the pub’s operator.

She added: “It is a place for families to go and enjoy a reasonably priced meal.

“It has a lovely garden outside which the kids really enjoy.”

To support the petition visit here.