The Essex coast is world famous for its wonderful seafood and its famous holiday resorts of years gone by.

Our beaches and surrounding attractions bring in thousands of visitors every year and it is perfect place to get some fresh air for people who live locally.

But despite our coast's popularity, there are some visitors who haven’t quite enjoyed their trip to the coast as much as the rest of us.

Some have even taken to Tripadvisor to express their distaste and leave some pretty harsh - but hilarious - reviews.

Here we’ve had a look at some of them.


'Dog toilet paradise'

One said: "I am worried about Frinton beach there are a lot of flies this year and when sitting on the beach near the sea walls we often smell dog toilet this year?

"Is the beach getting more like a dog toilet paradise which is attracting these flies?"

‘Wrong elements spoiling it’

Another said: “Unfortunately Frinton has gone the same way as many UK beach resorts. with the wrong elements spoiling it for families and decent folk.”

Frinton has a very good 4.5 out of five review average with more than 500 reviews, so it is obviously popular with some.


‘I couldn’t wait to get back to London’

One reviewer didn’t hold back.

They said: “The most dirtiest and unkept beach I’ve ever been on. The beach/area was over crowded due to the hot weather which was expected but there were no beach patrol or anything of authority for that matter, everyone was basically just doing what they wanted on the beach e.g smoking weed, allowing aggressive dogs off lead etc.

“Everywhere you walk is just rubbish that people cannot be bothered to pick up!! I’m not talking about the odd lolly stick or cup, there were cups, cans of alcohol, plastic Tesco bags, lighters, left tents, condoms, bottle caps, and god knows anything else that’s been covered by the sand.

“I wouldn’t recommend this beach for anyone to be honest but especially for people travelling with young children as I travelled with a young family member and kept having to watch her to make sure she didn’t pick up anything from the SAND where she was trying to play.

“The area is not very pleasant to walk around in either everywhere is just so untidy I’m not even over exaggerating. I normally enjoy my days out at the beach but for the first time I couldn’t wait to get back to LONDON.”

West Mersea

'Lots of dog poo'

One reviewer said said: "People rave about Mersea but we found it very disappointing, prefer Dovercourt, Brightlingsea and Frinton, for an afternoon out.

"Toilet facilities very disappointing and dogs allowed to roam off lead going to toilet in the sand with no owners in sight.

"Saw lots of dog poo on the greensward too."

Despite the complaints of some West Mersea beach has a 4.5 star review average.

Shoebury East Beach

One review said: “It was a really nice day for a walk so decided to do the seafront down Shoeburyness from Gunners Park to East Beach. Dogs loved it, but I’m not happy about the amount of poo 💩 left by dog owners. And there are some big dogs leaving large piles. Was very disappointed”

Another added: “The photos you see on the web look great, but not so glossy when you get there. What you find is a beach full of broken bits of building bricks.

“The park area was not very nice either. Lots of burnt squares, where people have had bbq's. And doggy poo everywhere. The first aid hut was closed, and there was no cafes etc. I shan't be going near there again.”

Clacton beach

'Too busy'

One reviewer said: "It was week before school holiday, yet there were coach trips of kids, too busy for me.

"Toilets were signposted to end of pier and had to walk back holding a full dog's bowl and bottle water, then found a toilet located on beach."

Another added: “If you like the smell of weed definitely it's your place. Smell of weed it's all over the beach. The accommodation in some of the hotels is horrendous. For me was one of my worse experience.”

Clacton beach has the most reviews of all of the north Essex beaches and an average of 4.5 out of five so we can understand why it might be busy...

Walton beach

One reviewer wasn’t happy about the tides.

They said: “Wouldn't know what the beach is like couldn't get on it. The water was always on the beach the times that dogs can go on it. and what was left was not worth the effort of getting to it.”

Another added: “Not worth visiting , nothing special, probably one of the worse seaside towns to visit, especially if the weather is wet.”

But many people like the seaside resort with more than 300 excellent reviews.

Thankfully, harsh reviews of our coast are few and far between and there are plenty of positive ones out there.

Here are some:

One reviewer said: “Clacton beach is great, Sandy and just accessible in general. On a sunny day you can’t beat it really. The promenade is becoming more developed which isn’t to my personal taste, however shows investment to the area which is needed for many coastal towns to fiscally flourish.”

Another speaking about Clacton added: “Very nice golden sands beach with loads of room to distance from other people and lots of great amenities nearby. Definitely one of the best beaches in the south east of England.”

Speaking about Southend this reviewer said: “It was a lovely and calm location to visit with my family. My 4 year old loved it. Close by to adventure island, sealife, shops. We would visit again.”

On Shoebury East beach this reviewer gave high praise. They said: “A very clean and pleasant area for summer strolls and winter brisk walks. There are children's parks places of interest in the Garrison which has loads of war memorabilia. Walks on the beach or round the lake where the swans give birth every year. Always someone to say hello to.”

One review of Walton beach said: “Lovely beach golden sand and water.lots of walks to enjoy either to the Naze or walk to Frinton. can walk on the promenade when it's high tide.”