The infamous play is widely studied at GCSE level across the UK, making this version at the Towngate an amazing oppurtunity to get a greater understanding of the Shakespearean tragedy.It ran for an hour and a half with an interval inbetween where there were refreshments available to buy at the entrance.

Although there were small parts cut out, the performance stayed very accurate to the original writing making it very educational and a great learning resource.The narrator also provided a short summary to any of these parts making it easy to follow!

The play was performed by only three brilliant actors from the Dickens Theatre Company who played each role amazingly, including a narrator who added humour and increased the entertaining element even more! Each actor took on their roles greatly and really showed the true emotions of each character, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

Overall, I immensly enjoyed my viewing and would most definitely recommend the performance to GCSE students studying Macbeth as it is extremely educational but also full of energy- keeping the audience engaged the whole way through.