On Friday 18th March, Queen Street Brewhouse held a gig at their pub. The night was full of music, dancing and drinking. The live music only got better as the night went on and mosh pits started to form. The gig was free to attend and included live music by local talent with many of the bands being made up of  students from Colchester Institute and Colchester Sixth Form. The line up included The Verdicts (@theverdictsband), supported by Greebo (@greeboband) and Intrinsic (__intrinsic__)  who performed all original songs that ranged from indie tunes to rock anthems. The ages of the band members range from 16 to early 20s and include guitarists, singers, bassists and drummers with incredible talent. The bands have been together for a relatively short time, but you wouldn’t be able to tell when watching them. The Verdicts even includes PJ, who I had the pleasure of interviewing in November last year. 


The energy from the start was amazing and I immediately found myself talking to people I hadn’t met before. A lot of the audience was from the surrounding colleges and they were so friendly and supportive of the acts. The doors opened at 7pm and the music started half an hour later and ended in the late evening, but a lot of people went outside the pub and continued socialising and talking. Audience member, Alex Moxham, had this to say about it “I was surprised how much I liked the music [because] I didn’t really know much about the bands before. I’d definitely go to something like this [the gig] again.” 

And even though the music was the main attraction, the social aspect of the gig also drew in people like Adam Miah who said that “it was a very good experience even if, like me, you don’t like their style of music.”


Brew House is having another gig on Saturday 9th April, with High Fly (@highflyband_) playing with support from Intrinsic and Blue Mean Eyes (@bluemeaniesmate). Once again, this is free to go to and I’m sure it will be just as great as the last one.