The coverage of the war in Ukraine has compelled thousands of people across the country to ask themselves just what they can do to help people who are suffering from the Russian invasion.

Many have volunteered and donated food and clothes to crisis appeals.

Some have organised street parties, and others have even driven across the continent to deliver ambulances and essential medical equipment themselves.

Young people too have been moved by the television and social media pictures of the war-torn country – and in Ed Urwin’s case, it spurred him to leap in to action.

The 10-year-old, who attends Hamilton Primary School in Colchester, has come up with a unique way of raising money to send to the Disasters Emergency doing as many front flips as he can in the space of an hour.

Gazette: Practice makes perfect – Edd is ready to put his efforts into practice next weekPractice makes perfect – Edd is ready to put his efforts into practice next week

Ed started perfecting his front flip technique during lockdown two years ago, and now he is ready to truly put it into practise when he starts his challenge on April 6.

Although he originally aimed to raise £25, Ed has more than surpassed his target, having already amassed a total of £750 in donations so far.

He said: “I can’t begin to imagine what life is like for people living in Ukraine at the moment.

“I saw photos of some of the children who had been orphaned and they have got nothing now and I just wanted to do something for them.

“I hope the money I raise will make a little bit of a difference.”

His parents, Mark and Clare Urwin, are understandably proud to see their son put the effort together.

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Mr Urwin said: “Ed saw pictures of people walking along the road with nothing but the bags they were carrying and he was really touched when I explained to him that they had lost everything.

“There are kids who have lost their homes and their parents.

“Ed’s quite a sensitive kid and he was genuinely upset by it all, so he wanted to help.”

And although Mr Urwin was initially a little unsure as to whether Ed will manage an hour’s worth of front flips, his son has the self-belief to carry it through on his trampoline.

“I did think, ‘are you sure you can manage an hour of front flips?’”

“But I thought it was a good idea because it was something different – people do sponsorships for walks and stuff, but this will capture people’s imagination a little bit more.

“A lot of people will think they need to support a charity but maybe haven’t got round to it – sometimes you need someone to make it easy for you to donate.” 

Ed has also enlisted the support of his younger sister, seven-year-old Ellie, who will be counting the number of front flips he lands.

“Ellie’s his little cheerleader,” Mr Urwin said.

Gazette: Head over heels – Ed sarted perfecting his front flip during lockdown in 2020Head over heels – Ed sarted perfecting his front flip during lockdown in 2020

“Ed just loves setting himself a challenge, but at the moment it’s just excitement.

“He was in the garden practising at the weekend and he was complaining a lot about the aching shoulders and arms. He can land on his feet, but it’s a very new skill for him – he’s going to have to work hard.”

Ed said: “I started learning how to do front flips on the trampoline in the first lockdown and now I’m much better at them, so I thought flipping for an hour would be a good way to raise some money.

“I can’t believe how much support I’ve had.”

Donations can be made to Ed’s fundraiser via his Just Giving page