A GOLF range is undergoing a major renovation as bosses hope to introduce the newest technology to the club.

Essex Golf and Country Club is refurbishing its golf driving range by adding in a digital aspect to help people improve their stroke, as well as for fun and games.

The club are working with Toptracer, a company which uses technology to track the flight of the ball and allows golfers to follow it after it has been hit onto the range.

Golf operations manager David Melvin said: “The technology will show you how you hit the ball and help people to improve.

“You can play on famous golf courses across the world, almost like a simulator, but you are really hitting the ball on to a driving range.

“There are also lots of games for families too, and we will be adding a food and beverage element to the range too.”

It will cost about £225,000.

The project has been in the works for over a year, with the club excited to be bringing it to the members and the public.

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Mr Melvin added: “It will hopefully get people interested in the sport.

“I am a keen golfer myself and recently went up to the course in Hertfordshire that has Toptracer, and it was really addictive.

“We are starting to get the word out, all our members know, and a lot are excited as it is the latest in technology.”

Jen Wass will be managing the driving range, and she says she is excited to get it open.

She said: “It is really exciting, and I am looking forward to get the new technology up and running.

“We want to not only get the every day golfers in, but get newer people involved too.”

The club had previously spent £1million in lockdown, upgrading the pool and gym areas, as well as adding lodges to the resort.

The refurbishment for the driving range began on February 28, and the club hope to have it done and open by mid-April.