STUDENTS have marched in solidarity and support for the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

The students at Essex University organised an hour-long march to show their support as the Russian invasion escalates and hundreds of thousands of people flee war torn Ukraine.

The march held last Friday is part on an ongoing list of activities university societies have put on where hundreds of students arrived with flags, placards and speakers to walk around campus.

Gazette: Incredible turnout - hundreds marched around campus (pic: Joe Holmes)Incredible turnout - hundreds marched around campus (pic: Joe Holmes)

Organiser of the march Augustina Berejanschi said for something which started off quite small, it was incredible to see so many involved.

She said: “Originally I just reached out to three people, and it was quite small to start.

“I really did not expect to go to the square and see it full of people, I was so impressed and so happy.

“I think everybody had the sentiment that something wrong is happening, and we can’t just sit around and let it go”

Gazette: Flags Up - students came with flags, plaques and signs to show solidarity for Ukraine (pic: Joe Holmes)Flags Up - students came with flags, plaques and signs to show solidarity for Ukraine (pic: Joe Holmes)

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Augustina added she wanted to do something physically to show support for students at the university and the people of Ukraine.

She said: “The main message I wanted to share was that instead of going online and looking what is happening, we should take some proactive action, do some volunteering, have our voices heard.

“Lots of students from eastern European countries like Poland, Moldova, Romania, have also been bullied by Russian actions throughout the history, and the entire eastern European bloc really understand what is happening and how dangerous it is.

“It is so important to let them, and the Ukrainian people know that people are there.”

Gazette: Leader - organiser Augustina Berejanschi lead the march (pic: Joe Holmes)Leader - organiser Augustina Berejanschi lead the march (pic: Joe Holmes)

Augustina, 21,who is a student originally from Moldova said it was her personal ties, alongside her studies as a third year law and human rights student, which made her really feel the effects.

She said: “Another reason I really wanted to get involved was after learning about how international law has worked for three years.

“To see how someone can disregard any type of law at all, I took it very personally, you almost question everything you have studied.

“You have to stand with the ideas and values you believe in.”