Exciting news for any fans of the PlayStation game ‘Uncharted’: there is now an Uncharted film- starring Tom Holland as the adventurer Nathan Drake, and Mark Wahlberg as treasure hunter Victor Sullivan (known by the name Sully). 


‘Uncharted’ is the first film from PlayStation Productions, a ‘division of the gaming company focused on adapting its franchises for TV and film’. And the security of big Hollywood names, such as the previously mentioned Holland and Wahlberg as well as Sophia Ali and Tati Gabrielle, is sure to garner many views for the film. 


Part of the film’s appeal is it’s glamorous jet-setting, with many scenes taking place in exotic locations including Barcelona, Berlin and Valencia. Holland revealed in a Buzzfeed interview that the cast and crew believed that it was important to film on location. However, he also stated that “obviously, with this film, because of Covid, we weren't able to travel everywhere we wanted to go.” Hopefully there will be a sequel- which seeing as the film ends on a cliffhanger, could potentially happen- when more relaxed Covid restrictions allow more locations to be used for filming.  


Although the film may not have faced an onslaught of positive reviews, Uncharted is still a genuinely enjoyable and fun film. Some criticisms that the film has faced revolve around the idea that it uses too many clichés. It may be true that Uncharted isn't exactly groundbreaking in it’s content. But action film tropes exist for a reason, and there is nothing wrong with them. If anything, the clichés contribute to the enjoyable nature of the film. 


Overall, the film is an action-packed one hour and fifty six minutes of excitement, fun and stunts, and definitely worth a watch if you fancy a visit to the cinema.