A DIG is underway to uncover an ancient Roman mosaic believed to be buried just metres from Colchester High Street.

History experts predict the mosaic could measure as big as 25 feet by 25 feet and lies just one metre beneath the pavement in Red Lion Yard.

If discovered, Colchester’s heritage boss wants to preserve it under the ground in a transparent case so residents and visitors to the town can watch as they tread the same path as the Romans did almost 2,000 years ago.

It would be on display in a similar fashion to the Berryfield Mosaic at Firstsite in Lewis Gardens, which was unearthed in 1923 at the site on which the building now stands.

Gazette: Buried - the relic could measure 25 feet by 25 feetBuried - the relic could measure 25 feet by 25 feet

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A piece of the mosaic was originally discovered by the Victorians and is already in the hands of Colchester Council.

The mosaic was subsequently covered, but the council now wants to reinstate the final piece of the jigsaw and open it up to the public.

The council’s heritage boss, Darius Laws said it is a “complicated project”, but argues it is worth completing to make Colchester feel “more Roman”.

He said: “The works are being undertaken by the same team that found the Fenwick treasure - we all want to make the most of Roman Colchester.

“I’d describe it as ornate, it’s not as decorative as Berryfield, but it’s still interesting and isn’t just a standard Roman floor surface.

Gazette: Mosaic - an extract uncovered by the VictoriansMosaic - an extract uncovered by the Victorians

“My little boy loves walking over Berryfield and it is my hope we can achieve similar in Red Lion Yard.”

After a series of recent finds in Colchester, including burials and part of a chariot racing day cup at the former County Hospital site, in Lexden Road, Mr Laws implored the council to keep on celebrating the town’s heritage.

He said: “Where finds fall into the public realm and we can do something, we will.

“One of our key strategic desires is to make more of our heritage and the built environment needs to incorporate our historic assets, wherever possible.

“It’s incumbent on us to make the most of all this history and no one has ever told me this is a bad thing.”