COLCHESTER’S historic castle rooftop should be transformed into a glamorous Kensington style garden selling ice cold gin and tonics, according to a councillor.

Colchester Council’s heritage boss is looking to revolutionise the largest Norman built keep in Europe.

Darius Laws says Colchester Castle, which dates back to 1076, could host a plethora of exciting activities on the Grade I listed building’s rooftop.

His ambitious ideas could see people get married on the site which was built on the remains of the Roman Temple of Claudius and was once a prison which held hundreds of prisoners of war captive.

Gazette: Woodland Trust/PAWoodland Trust/PA

The masterplan is inspired by Kensington Roof Gardens, one of London’s best kept secrets, after billionaire Richard Branson made the roof a hub for the capital’s most attractive summer parties.

The stunning venue, 100 feet above Kensington High Street, contains an abundance of flourishing greenery, decadent fountains and a flowing stream with hundreds of fish and a few resident flamingos.

Mr Laws, who is also responsible for economy and business at Colchester Council, admitted his idea was perhaps a little ambitious.

“I make no secret of an aspiration I have which is I think we should be looking at what we can do with the roof of Colchester Castle,” he said.

“Because, in my mind it would be fantastic if it was a Kensington rooftop style garden experience where we could sell some more coffee, some gin and tonics and maybe have some weddings and events up there.

“That is long term and very aspirational but it is a conversation that I think should be had.”

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A further part of encouraging Colchester to celebrate its heritage and create further events, Mr Laws has also suggested the iconic Oyster Feast be extended to become a multi-day festival.

He added: “I think there is a huge opportunity around the mayor’s office here and Colchester High Street and town centre around the Oyster Feast.

“I don’t understand why the Oyster Feast is over at 6pm on a Friday; it doesn’t make commercial sense.

“Frankly we should be selling oysters and gin all over Colchester in the days around that event.”