A primary school has gone to great lengths to celebrate Children's Mental Health Week by putting on special activities each day to help their youngsters think more profoundly.

Camulos Academy, which is in Whitmore Drive, north Colchester, prioritised the emotional wellbeing of pupils by setting a unique theme for each day last week, where growing together was the overarching theme.

Motivational Monday set the tone for the school week ahead: Tuesday focussed on the theme of caring, Wednesday on celebrating differences, Thursday on exploring the natural world, and Friday on self-expression through dress.

Motivational Monday encouraged pupils to create their own motivational motto, after which children discussed how best to support each other to work hard; and Tuesday saw pupils take part in activities on how to care for each other, themselves, and the environment.

On Wednesday, Camulos pupils celebrated all the different aspects which make people different from one another, encouraging them to be comfortable in their own identity.

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Thursday then saw different year groups taken out of school for walks in nearby fields, where youngsters had the chance to take time out of the school day so they could de-stress whilst exploring the natural world around them.

The week ended on a light-hearted theme where both pupils and staff were asked to dress to express – where they could wear whichever clothes they wanted to express themselves and their personalities.

And it’s not just pupils whose mental wellbeing is looked after at Camulos Academy – staff too have a number of initiatives to protect their emotional wellbeing.

Lisa Frith-Sly, headteacher at Camulos Academy, said the challenges people have faced in the past two years made mental health awareness even more important for pupils and staff.

She said: “We wanted to offer a range of different activities to teach our children how they can protect their emotional health, to look at how they can help each other, and to enjoy the beauty of the world around them.

“We want to remind them that they are never alone, and that our staff are always here to support them.”