A COUNCILLOR has been convicted of breaching a court order.

Maldon district councillor Chrisy Morris, 47, denied breaching two court orders but a jury yesterday found him guilty on one of the counts.

His victim claimed she saw Morris outside her new address in Witham on July 22, 2019, the day after she moved there.

He was banned from going near her by a non-molestation order imposed in 2018.

Morris admitted being in the street but claimed he was trying to find a terminally-ill friend’s house and it was a “complete coincidence” that she had just moved there.

The Heybridge West councillor said he did not think she was moving from Maldon “until the end of the week”.

He said he was in Witham to go to an appointment but the prosecution said that was a “convenient excuse” and he had been seen “scoping out the address”.

The jury at Chelmsford Crown Court also heard he went to the woman’s address on January 5, 2020 The woman and her partner said they were going to bed at about 10pm when they heard seven loud bangs in quick succession and breaking glass.

The court heard it “sounded like someone coming through the kitchen window”.

The woman’s partner opened the door and “recognised the defendant, as clear as day”.

He said he was “100 per cent certain” it was Morris, who could be heard saying “If I get caught, I’m going to get five years in prison for this” on CCTV audio footage.

Both of their car windscreens had been smashed.

Morris claimed he had spent the whole night at Langdon’s Mill House Hotel, where he was living at the time.

He said he was chatting to hotel boss Richard Perry.

Mr Perry denied he had been asked to provide an alibi, and partner Carey Martin said it would have been impossible for Morris to have slipped out.

A jury unanimously found Morris guilty of the earlier offence but cleared him of the second charge.

Judge Timothy Walker adjourned sentencing until February 28.