BODY worn cameras will be used by some Tendring Council staff in a bid to stamp out crime and to protect officers in their work.

The miniature cameras, which are similar to those worn by police, will be used by frontline officers to capture evidence in cases such as littering, dog fouling and fly-tipping.

They will also be used during visits by officers to licensed premises or evictions.

It is hoped the cameras will act as a deterrent against an officer being physically or verbally abused.

Similarly they will allow investigation of allegations of improper conduct by Tendring Council staff.

Tendring councillor Carlo Guglielmi, who is responsible for corporate enforcement, said the cameras would be one part of the council’s toolkit in tackling enforcement.

He added: “Improving our capabilities around enforcement is a key priority for us, and these cameras will be a useful piece of our arsenal in tackling those issues which blight our community.”

The council has purchased 26 cameras so far, costing £17,000, and is in the process of training up staff in their use.

All the footage will be subject to the authority’s policies on CCTV, data protection and other relevant legislation.

Mr Guglielmi added: “Along with our new mobile CCTV cameras, and investment in staff training and structures, we are putting in place the right tools to combat things like fly-tipping, littering and dog fouling.

“This does not mean we will necessarily fine or prosecute more people, as hopefully they will act as a deterrent and stop us needing to even get to that stage.

" If, though, we do get to that point on a case then we will also have better evidence to secure a conviction.”

Two of the 26 mobile CCTV cameras purchased were rolled out in the Dovercourt area last December following a spate of criminal damage to more than 20 beach huts.

Deputy Frinton mayor Terry Allen has also called for Tendring Council to use some of the mobile cameras in Frinton, after a gang of yobs were caught causing havoc at the station on numerous occasions.