WARNING: The video above contains some strong language 

A HAVE-A-GO hero who chased-off a “total scumbag” barefoot after he broke into her car says her children are now too “petrified” to sleep.

Bridie Jordan, 32, from Lodge Close, in Clacton, was relaxing at home on Sunday evening with her three children when her mobile received a notification.

She soon realised her Ring doorbell had been triggered and upon closer inspection noticed a man rummaging around in her car, which was parked on her driveway.

In CCTV footage sent to the Gazette, the thief can be seen brazenly clambering into the vehicle while using a torch to look for anything worth snatching.


But after being disturbed, the cowardly crook immediately darts off in the opposite direction as brave Bridie sprints after him, despite having no shoes or socks on.

“I chased and followed him while I called the police and I saw him go up Old Road then around onto Groom Park where he attempted more car doors,” added Bridie.

“I continued to follow him before I lost him up near the fire station as he was running through alleys to get away – and I had to get back for my children.

“I am not sure what I would have done if I caught him, as I’m only small, but I wanted to stop it happening to others.

“Luckily nothing was taken from my car, even though my purse was inside, but I obviously caught him before he could take anything.”

Since the horrifying ordeal, which took place at about 7.23pm, the mother-of-three says her children have been left terrified through fear the eery criminal could return.


Bridie, a senior care work, who battled through the pandemic, added: “I am a bit shaken up, but my kids are petrified.

"They were too scared to sleep in bed alone, so we all slept together downstairs on the sofa.

“We all struggle in life but that does not give anyone the right to just take what isn’t theirs – this person is a total scumbag.”

Watch the CCTV footage by visiting gazette-news.co.uk.

Essex Police have been contacted for comment.