AN artist who suffers from bipolar has completed her first children’s book.

Melanie Day, 45, has had mental health issues from a young age and it came to a head a few years ago when she had an overdose and was admitted to the Peter Bruff mental health ward in Clacton.

Ms Day said: “I’m thankful for the care and support I received during my time on the ward, they gave me a second chance at life.

“Since my diagnosis I’ve been open and honest about it.”

“Going into lockdown my first thought was if I relapse there are no services so I took up art to keep myself occupied.”

Ms Day, of Manor Road, Dovercourt, inherited her love of art from her grandfather who she helped paint as he was colour blind.Ms Day is also known as Melly Dolittle. She said: “I’ve taken in animals over the years and rehabilitated them, that’s where the Dolittle title comes from.

“My artwork business is called Dolittle Doodles as well which is catchy. I’ve rescued dogs, cats, hedgehogs and small birds.”

Ms Day’s first book is called the Queen of Sheba and is based the experiences of her former dog.

She added: “I’ve always wanted to write my own children’s book. I did a doodle of our family Afghan hound.

“Her nickname was the Queen of Sheba because she stuck her nose in the air whilst looking regal.”

“I sat down and wrote all the fun things I remembered doing with the dog as a child, I asked my uncles as well.

“I started working on the book on January 10 and fully wrote and illustrated 32 pages in a week.

“Everything included in the book refers to real things that have happened.”

Ms Day is now looking for a publisher. Contact her by calling 07753329763 or emailing