BREAKING NEWS: Stolen Bike outside Westwood Karate Academy has not been recovered

On the Monday 13th December 2021, a bike was stolen outside Westwood Karate Academy in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. This isn’t the first incident of a stolen item outside these premises, as previously the Club’s Mascot, a giant Kung Fu Panda, has been previously stolen.  It was a very unfortunate incident, even more unfortunate due to the timing, coming up to Christmas.

The bike was an Adult Mountain Bike Make Decathlon and the owner said it was worth £100. The owner had quickly popped into the Karate Dojo to deliver their child to a lesson, the owner was already running late delivering their child so the bike was not chained up or locked like it usually is. 

The owner said, “I was running late and went inside for two minutes to deliver my son, came out and it had gone”.

Someone had stolen the bike in the space of 2 minutes. It was stolen from the front of the Dojo just after 6pm, there was no CCTV to catch the criminal and there is some lighting outside the Dojo but there was nothing that could have stopped the thief at this point unfortunately. The bike was not insured by the owner or the club and although the incident had been reported to the police, stolen bike crime is not investigated by the police.

In result of this, the thief has not been caught- meaning that the bike has not been recovered.