TOWN councillors have unanimously agreed to freeze its share of the council tax bill this year.

Harwich Town Council decided there will be no increase in its precept for 2022/3.

It means the average household will still be paying £37.79 - or 73p per week - towards the town council.

The levy will be in addition to the demands made by other authorities including Essex County Council, Tendring Council and the Essex Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner.

Pam Morrison, chair of the council’s finance committee, said the budget will help retain all of the council’s services and support for the local community at existing levels without any increase in council tax.

She added: “We are proud of all that Harwich Town Council achieves and delivers on behalf of the local community and all of this results from a sensible and prudent approach to the council’s finances over many years.

"At a time when residents are facing tax rises they will not be asked for an additional penny from Harwich Town Council.

“This budget means that a Band D property will continue to pay 73 pence per week in council tax.

“When you look at all that Harwich Town Council delivers on behalf of the local community I believe that is very good value for money.”