HEARTBREAKINGLY, every year as many as 130,000 dogs are estimated to be given over to welfare groups such as rehoming centres.

The thought of our four-legged friends not knowing when or if they will ever find their forever homes is a devastating one – even if you’re more of a cat person.

Thankfully, in Essex, we have a wealth of organisations and animal-loving volunteers who are dedicated to caring for abandoned pooches and finding them new families.

In Little Clacton, for example, there is the National Animal Welfare Trust, located in The Street, while the Dogs Trust also has a centre in Basildon.

There is also Paws Crossed Dog Rescue in Colchester, Ardleigh Pet Rescue, in Ardleigh, and the RSPCA Mid and North Essex team.

Between them, the animal angels are currently looking after a host of dogs who are searching for a new home, so we have compiled a list of just some of them below.

Charlie – Beagle – The National Animal Welfare Trust, Clacton


Beautiful Beagle Charlie is believed to be aged between five and ten years old and can live with school-aged children.

She cannot, however, live alongside any other dogs or any cats, and can only be left only for a maximum of two hours.

The “goofy girl”, who can be rather shy and worried initially, enjoys cuddles and lapping up the attention of those she feels comfortable around.

Jessie – Greyhound – The National Animal Welfare Trust, Clacton


Jessie the female Greyhound, aged between one and four-years-old, is “ready and raring to get started on a new chapter” after leaving her racing days behind.

The sweet, cool, collected and a sophisticated lady like to hog the sofa but also loves going out on walks as well, during which she gets a real spring in her step.

She can be around school-aged children but cannot live with cats or dogs, and can be left alone for up to four hours.

Arnie – Staffordshire Cross – The Dogs Trust, Basildon


Looking for a new family, Arnie 11-years-old and is therefore looking for a quiet retirement home in which he can enjoy human company regularly.

The Staffordshire Cross gets distressed when he is left alone and can be a little unsure at times, so his new owners would need to take things slow.

He prefers calm walking buddies when out and about and he would like to have access to his own secure garden to enjoy pottering around in.

Arnie can live with sensible children aged 14-years-old or over.

King Kazen – Siberian Husky, The Dogs Trust, Basildon


The superbly stunning King Kazen, a Siberian Husky, is nine-years-old and described as a “big beautiful boy with a sensitive soul”.

He needs a family who are experienced with rescue dogs and ideally malamutes or huskies as Kazen is very typical of the breed.

He enjoys going for walks and knows to take treats gently from your hand but can be unsure of new people so will need a patient family.

One he gets to know you, however, Kazen is said to have a cheeky side that he shows off to those he trusts the most.

Bella – Rottweiler Cross – RSPCA


Beautiful Bella the Rottweiler Cross has had an unsettling time recently but is considered to be a “lovely girl” who loves fuss and attention.

She's very clever and knows how to sit and lie down, and is quite food motivated, so she will happily take a treat or two as a reward for good behaviour.

Bella is used to being left alone for short periods of time, is house trained and makes friends with every human she meets – but not so much other dogs at the moment.

She is looking for an adult only home with a secure garden with minimum 6ft fences and she will need to wear a muzzle when on walks.

Toffee – Jack Russell Terrier – RSPCA


As her name might suggest, Toffee is a sweet little lap dog who loves to be with his human companions at all times.

The Jack Russell Terrier’s favourite thing to do is cuddle and he therefore does not like being left on his own very often.

He is on the lookout for a family or individual who is about most of the day and a calm and quiet home without children so he can enjoy his retirement.

Owners will need to have experience of positive training with dog reactive dogs so the lively fella can learn how to act more harmoniously around other pooches.