A BURGLAR has been jailed after breaking into a corner shop and stealing thousands of pounds worth of stock and cash.

Daniel Ruel, 31, of Springham Drive, Colchester, stole more than £13,000 of stock and cash from the small shop in Ellenbrook Road, Ipswich, on January 12 last year.

Ipswich Crown Court heard only eight days before the burglary, Ruel had been granted bail after being convicted of harassment.

Along with another man, Ruel broke into the shop, called Penalty 2, and covered up the CCTV cameras when he realised he and his accomplice were being filmed.

However, video footage from other cameras in the shop showed Ruel searching the stock room for nearly two hours stealing more than £13,000 worth of goods.

In a victim statement referenced by Judge Martyn Levett, the owner of the Penalty 2 store said the burglary had traumatised him and his family.

The owner said he was in debt of more than £20,000 because of the amount of stock he has had to replace following the burglary.

Ruel admitted burglary and was sentenced to 26 months in jail.

Richard Kelly, mitigating, told the court Ruel had taken drugs before deciding to carry out the burglary.

Mr Kelly added Ruel, who has had to deal with a series of childhood traumas, was a full-time carer to his long-term partner, who is suffering from health issues.

But Mr Levett said Ruel had been undeterred from committing further crimes by previous sentences.

He said: “You live your life on the fringe of criminality – the previous sentences that have been passed don’t seem to deter you from other offences.

“The message needs to go out loud and clear that corner shops are targeted for robbery, burglary, and thefts – these corner shops provide a lifeline to local and rural residents.”