A MYSTERIOUS hooded figure caught on camera attempting to break into residents’ cars “should get help”, according to one of the victims they targeted.

Shortly after 11.35pm on Saturday a brazen would-be thief was eerily seen on CCTV imagery walking down Cottage Walk, in Clacton.

In the footage the crook is seen stopping alongside the driver side door of a black vehicle belonging to Rhonda Draper, 46, and her husband.

With their face unidentifiable, they are then captured on video attempting to gain access to the car by wishfully trying to pull the doorhandle.

After a few tries, the hooded figure quickly gives up and soon moves on further down the road and subsequently out of shot.


Rhonda, who also lives with her 12-year-old son and a “fiery” German Shepherd, said: “We knew immediately that the car had been tried as our Ring doorbell alerted us.

“We then followed him on our cameras and saw him turn left onto Cottage Grove and then Constable Avenue.

“We did not really react at the time as we were out but had we have been home I could have let the dog out and called the police.”

The latest attempted break-in incident comes after a “lowlife scumbag” was caught getting inside a workman’s van in Coppins Road, Clacton, last Monday.

After having a thorough snoop around, they eventually fled the scene having found nothing of any interest or value.

Days before Christmas, another hooded figure was captured on CCTV looking to gain access to Harwich properties in Hankin Avenue, Stour Close and Artillery Drive.

“I think people like this should get help because clearly they are opportunistic thieves looking for quick cash, stereotypically for drugs,” added Rhonda.

“Things have become worse since the benefits system and it is clearly not working and the opportunities to work are non-existent – especially without qualifications.

“It is the times, but I think my husband would disagree with my statement – he just thinks he deserves a good slap.”

Anyone with information regarding any attempted break-ins is asked to contact Essex Police by calling 101.