A SECONDARY school student was sprayed with acid during an incident in a science lesson in Colchester, the Gazette understands.

A student at Paxman Academy, in Paxman Avenue, Colchester was allegedly squirted with hydrochloric acid on their head and face during the incident last week.

When approached, the school confirmed there was an incident in a science lesson and said an investigation has since taken place.

Speaking anonymously to the Gazette, a concerned parent said their son witnessed the incident take place.

They said: “My son witnessed another student squirt hydrochloric acid on another student’s head and face.

“The victim did not get medical attention until an hour after it happened and the person was not excluded or punished.

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“The student would have been blinded if it went in his eye.”

Paxman Academy has not confirmed the details of the alleged acid spraying but has not denied an incident took place.

A spokesperson for the school said: “We can confirm there was an incident in a science lesson last week.

“Immediately after the incident, we adhered to the regulation guidelines and informed the parents of the student involved.

“An investigation has since taken place and action has been taken in line with the school’s behaviour policy.”