Working from home has been tough but as we settle back into work for 2022, we are on the hunt for some indoor plants to cheer up the home office.

Between the January blues and all the Zoom calls that could have been emails, we think that a few house plants here and there could really do the trick.

If you've got all your work from home equipment sussed already, it's time to have a look at how you can spruce up the place. 

We have rounded up our top picks from some of the biggest brands including B&Q, Homebase, M&S and more to help your home office turn over a new leaf.

Gazette: A black notebook surrounded by indoor plants. Credit: PAA black notebook surrounded by indoor plants. Credit: PA

Where to buy Indoor plants 



Who says that Poinsettia is just for this Christmas season? 

Pick up this 13cm Plastic Grow pot and let the stunning pink petals brighten up your 2022 Zoom calls. 

Down from £4, the Poinsettia plant will cost you £2. 

Snake plant

Snake Plants are a classic indoor plant to add to the home office and they couldn't be easier to look after.

This 14cm potted plant could be delivered to your home for just £10. 

Find out how to care for a Snake plant and purchase this plant via the B&Q website. 


Ficus plants

Ficuses are many people's go-to when investing in indoor plants but they're not the easiest to look after. 

If you're a real plant parent though, they make a fantastic addition to any room in your house. 

The 27cm Ficus mix will set you back £55 via the Homebase website.

Cactus in Cella pot

Famously, Cacti are very easy to look after so they make the perfect potted plant for your desk at home. 

Brighten up your room with this low maintenance plant and choose from a variety of ceramics to put it in.

Add it to your basket now for £4.95 via the Homebase website.

Gazette: A range of indoor plants. Credit: PAA range of indoor plants. Credit: PA


Rose Trough

You might expect to see rose bushes outside, but now you can enjoy their beauty in the home office while you work. 

These yellow roses will light up any room in the house and are sure to chase away even the bluest of Januarys. 

Pick up a rose trough for £25 via the M&S website.

Azalea In Glass

If you're looking to add a touch of sophistication to your home office, we recommend these azaleas. 

The beautiful white petals and glass vase will undoubtedly lift the room and your mood. 

Take them home for £25 via the M&S website.

Oliver Bonas

Zebra Grass Artificial Plant

If your fingers aren't that green, this Zebra Grass Artificial Plant might just be what you've been looking for. 

When there's no maintenance to do, just enjoy this stunning zebra grass plant. 

You can even mix and match with different pots to suit your tastes and mood.

Pick up this plant for £59.50 via Oliver Bonas.

Hanging Fern Artificial Plant

If you're looking for a plant that's hard to kill then opting for an artificial one might be more up your street. 

If you're working from your bed or you have next to no room for yourself, never mind an indoor plant - we recommend this hanging fern. 

Bring the outside world to you for just £25.

This hanging fern can be bought from Oliver Bonas.