A STUDENT left devastated by the theft of her beloved bicycle, which was a gift from her mum, is urging the crook who snatched it to return it.

Robyn Emmerson, 23, who in Bradford Drive, Colchester, is currently studying a PHD in Biological Sciences at the University of Essex.

Due to her dislike of driving or travelling by bus, and to reduce what would otherwise be an hour walk, Robyn uses her Pendleton Ashwell bike to get to the complex.

However, between December 27 and January 5, the dark red two-wheeler, which has a green recycle sticker, was pinched from the bike shed at her flat.


Her lock, which boasts a snakehead design on the locking mechanism, was also stolen during the theft, along with yellow panniers.

“My bike was a birthday gift from my mum and it was the one I had always wanted,” added Robyn, whose bike cost £200 from the ReCycle charity.

“I have found it really upsetting because it was a gift that I really loved and got a lot of use out of and cycling is a massive stress relief for me, so it's upsetting I’ve lost that.

“It's also out of my price range to replace, I don't earn a lot of money or come from money, so being gifted something this expensive was a really big deal for me.”

Robyn, who’s bike was securely locked up, has now appealed to the thief responsible to return her cycle, while also thanking the community for its support.


Robyn said: “Despite one person doing this horrible thing to me, it's really bought out a lot of really lovely people.

“One of my colleagues offered to lend me their spare bike until I work out what to do, and other colleagues have helped spread the word.

“The community has also shared my post, so despite it being a really negative situation, it's been nice that even complete strangers have come to my aid.

“I don't think badly of whoever who took it, all I want is the bike returned and there will be no questions asked.”

To contact Robyn with information about her bike email robynemm19@gmail.com.