Everyone has a range of different new years resolution and here are just a few!

1)Starting a new hobby

Many make it their goal to adopt a new hobby and develop it throughout the year- an example of this may be knitting/crotchet which has become increasingly more popular over the last two years.

2)Getting fitter

One of the most popular new years resolutions ever is getting fitter or becoming more active- usually paired with the goal of losing weight.This is also a goal which can be aimed towards developing a healthier lifestyle and mindset.

3)Eat healthier

Another resolution is to eat healthier and this is completed in a number of ways.Some examples being becoming vegan/vegetarian, reducing fast food intake or generally going on a new diet.

4)Quitting something

Whether it be reducing your screen time or drinking or even quitting smoking, many make it their resolution to improve their lifestyle in a way which can improve both their mental and physical health.

Although many begin the new year viewing these ambitions as exciting and are highly motivated- research shows that a large percentage of new years resolutions tend to fail due to being too vague or being impacted by someone else- by being specific with your goals it will be much easier to achieve as a set goal increases your motivation due to you having something to work towards.