WE are flying high to give our readers a different view of some familiar landmarks.

This is how birds see them from hundreds of feet up in the air rather than from the ground.

The centre picture shows Colchester Town Hall marking the line of the High Street and just to its left is the Fenwick store which was extended back towards the Nun’s Road car park.

Bottom right is the striking golden crescent of the Firstsite art gallery which last year won the accolade of Museum of the Year. 

Next to it is the aerial view of the Wivenhoe Flood Barrier installed to protect 2,000 homes along the River Colne and next to that is the disused nuclear power station at Bradwell.

The site has been earmarked for a new power station although there is still strong opposition to this.

In the bottom left hand corner is the scoping grounds of St Osyth Priory.

The priory, now owned and being restored by the Sargeant family, still has features dating back to the 15th century including the gatehouse.

Queen Elizabeth I visited St Osyth Priory twice on her royal progress, in July 1561 and again in August 1579.

Above is Colchester’s famous water tower, Jumbo, sitting cheek by jowl with the Mercury Theatre.

The area between the two landmarks is being redeveloped to become a gateway to the town, just as it was in the Roman era.