RESIDENTS living in north Essex and beyond will soon be able to delve into the 100 year history of everything from their families to their hometowns.

The UK National Archives is finally releasing the detailed records of the 1921 Census for the first time on Thursday.

Intrigued individuals will be able to research the history of their homes, the areas in which they live and their relatives.

The census will also reveal who lived in Colchester’s first council houses in Defoe Crescent, which were completed in February 1921.

Professor Pamela Cox, a University of Essex historian, said: “Life was tough for most people in Britain.

“The return of the men from the First World War pushed up unemployment, but at the same time, many people experienced new freedoms. 

“They moved to the towns and cities and lived lives their parents and grandparents could not have imagined.”

The 1921 Census can be accessed at from Thursday.