Zoos are losing revenue from COVID restrictions, and it's almost detrimental.

As the ambiguity of whether COVID guidelines will be changed, one often forgotten victim of lockdown are the zoos. Our local Colchester Zoo is a prime example of this. In the picture above, you can see one of the wonderful Australian Rainbow Lorikeets that the zoo cares for. Some of the money needed to look after these birds comes from the little pots of food that people can buy from the zoo itself for £1. All of these expenses that people make while in the zoo, such as at their cafeteria, or feeding the giraffes, or even buying the ticket to go there in the first place are absolutely necessary for the zoo to keep the enclosures and resources maintained. When people are unable to exit their house from quarantining, or zoos aren’t allowed to be open, their sources of income are severely cut. 


This was seen on Wednesday, when my family went to the zoo and saw how some areas had been closed off for future renovations. However, a sign nearby told us that the extensions couldn’t be afforded because of the loss of income due to COVID. It’s heartbreaking to think that animals may not be able to live at the zoo until the funding is achieved, or that some animals unfortunately aren’t living to their greatest potential yet. 


Luke Lockyer, upon being asked how he thought the zoo handled the current COVID guidelines, stated: “Measures were in place ensuring people wore masks in all indoor exhibits and eating areas.” Furthermore, on his own experience at Colchester Zoo, he said, “People did all adhere to the guidelines in place, and I felt all the restrictions were well maintained to protect the guests.” 


Right now, zoos need our help. Colchester Zoo is a major attraction, and the source of great memories, hands-on education and brilliant entertainment for all ages. From their own website, you can help out by donating, or adopting an animal, or buying a ticket pass if you are free to use it - all available at:  https://www.colchester-zoo.com/plan-your-visit/information-faqs-2/covid-19-questions/how-can-you-help/


Help keep our zoos alive by giving them the funding they need.