Inspired by the classic tale, Beauty and the Beast, Civic Theatre has returned with another outstanding pantomime for 2021. The show was alive with energy and love for the craft as the talent -expressed in the costume, songs, sets, dances and acting- transported the audience into the depths of this enchanting love story.

A beautiful blend of France and Chelmsford creates humorous moments for all the family to enjoy. Marc De’ath, Chelmsford City Culture Services Manager, explained the “special panto twist with the addition of new characters like Madame Lilli La Twerp and her daughter Billi, ” that pairs with the amazing “quality of cast and crew” and involves other timeless pantomime elements such as ‘It’s behind you’, to create a production of Beauty and the Beast that is magical, lots of fun and entertaining.

Marc De’ath continued by reflecting on the “tough 18 months for the industry” and how it is “an absolute joy to see all of our talented actors on stage again,” which is easy to see reflected in the show. It is an unmissable rendition of Beauty and the Beast at the Civic Theatre  so if you would like the opportunity to see it now a few tickets are still available at:

It would be a shame to miss such a heart-warming story that has been brought to our Chelmsford stage so make sure you check it out before the final show  of Beauty and the Beast on the 3rd January 2022.