Make sure you listen out for a different sound on Christmas Eve this year because Santa is coming to town without the help of his reindeers! Be sure that you keep your eyes and ears open and look and listen out for the roaring sound of a motorbike. A motorbike I hear you say! Unbelievably there was a sighting of Santa with one of his helpers.  This all happened on the 5th of December 2021 at around 3.30pm on Herschell Road in Leigh-on-sea.  Two men were spotted riding motorbikes wearing Santa hats.

One of the two had a hat and regular clothes on, however the other was wearing an entire Santa suit! I was driving home with my Dad from Southend-on-Sea when I spotted them myself.  They were riding down the road on their motorbikes, the two seemed to be very happy and I am certain that the children will be extremely pleased to hear that Santa will be arriving in his new transportation to drop off the presents to all the good children this year!

I then carried on with my journey home and couldn’t believe what I saw next…..

To make sure your kids’ letters to Santa get sent directly to the North Pole, get yourself down to Clifton Road in Benfleet.  There is a red post-box fantastically decorated with its own Christmas hat to keep it warm.  The hat features a snowman and a dog sitting on snow, depicting the scene from the famous film “The Snowman”.  I’m sure Father Christmas has sprinkled some of his magic dust here!